ACC Data Steward Program

The experts at the ETRM Group are the accredited and recommended services providers for the Association of Corporate Counsel’s Data Steward Program. This first-of-its kind program enables law firms to attain an Information Security benchmark score that can be shared with their corporate clients or compared against an aggregate industry score. The benchmark is built on industry-standard frameworks like ISO 27001 and NIST and has a specific focus on legal services.

For firms that want to demonstrate their advanced security posture, ETRM Group experts provide auditing and reporting of their security posture. Firms who go through this process earn ACC Data Steward Accreditation.

ACC Data Steward Accredited Program

The ACC’s Data Steward Program provides law firms with:

  • An open process based on industry-standard frameworks
  • Control over disclosure
  • Results that will build trust with client
  • Simplified security reporting
  • A level playing field against competing law firms

Corporations gain the following:

  • Best-of-breed information security frameworks customized for the legal environment by ACC members, law firms and legal service providers
  • Shift in focus from data collection to risk management
  • Real-time view of outside counsel’s information security status
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