On March 10, ETRM Group experts will be presenting a webinar with ACEDS on the topic of the ACC’s new Data Steward Program.

At the end of 2020, the Association of Corporate Counsel launched their new ACC Data Steward Program which was designed to enable law firms to assess their security posture against a set of global standards and generate an information security benchmark score that can be communicated to their corporate clients and compared against an aggregate industry score. The expectation of the new Data Steward Program is for corporate legal teams to evaluate firms on a level playing field and for law firms to save time and money when providing security audit information to their clients.

In this session, members of the team that helped the ACC develop the program will educate attendees on the program, including:

  • Why organizations should consider the program
  • The benefits of the program to both law firms and corporate legal programs
  • How to get involved
  • What to expect while participating
  • Tips for evaluating security practices against ACC benchmarks
  • How law firms will report results
  • How corporate legal departments can interpret results

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