Kenya Dixon, our General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer, joins the FEDSpace podcast to talk about her extensive experience with information governance and risk management while in the federal government. They touch on topics ranging from her experience with high risk litigation situations to how technology has changed the way the federal government manages its data.


Kenya Dixon. General Counsel and Operating Officer at the Empire Technologies Risk Management Group and former Director of Information Governance at the White House, joins us to discuss best practices for federal records management departments drawing off her experience in litigation, eDiscovery, and information governance.


“Because I come at things often from a risk management standpoint, it’s easier for me to work backwards from the worst-case scenario to how we should implement things from the beginning…” says Kenya Dixon on this week’s episode of FEDSpace. As General Counsel and Operating Officer at the Empire Technologies Risk Management Group and former Director of Information Governance at the White House, Kenya offers a wealth of insights on eDiscovery, litigation, and records management.
Drawing from her experience, Kenya shares lessons learned from high stakes litigation situations, details the importance of stronger collaboration between records management and complimentary agency departments, and offers tips for federal records managers. What are some quick wins for federal records management programs? Who should be at the table when making information assurance decisions? How should agencies prioritize ROT data? Kenya offers her expertise to answer these questions and more.

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