Risk Management

Risk Management and Fraud Investigations, Delivered by ETRM Group Experts

Every business today faces the risk of unforeseen threats that cost the company money and can damage its reputation. The risk management experts at the ETRM Group can help you prepare for the unexpected by identifying and minimizing risks before they materialize. Our team can:

Identify and analyze risks
to your organization

Assess threats
to mitigate risks

Implement a risk
monitoring program


Sometimes, even with the best risk management processes in place, organizations may be compromised. If that happens, you must quickly uncover the facts to protect your company’s assets and reputation.

The team of lawyers and technologists at the ETRM Group have more than 100 years of collective experience in cybersecurity and information assurance and can quickly react when your organization faces a fraud or compliance investigation.

Empire Technologies Risk Management Group

Risk Management Experts

If your organization faces litigation as a result of a data breach or other event, the ETRM Group experts can provide both opinion-based and fact-based testimony. Our expert witnesses have testified in front of judges and juries at the state, district, and federal levels.

In addition, we can provide expert supplemental contractors to augment your internal risk management team or to serve as third-party risk managers.

With ongoing support from the ETRM Group, your organization can minimize risk, and quickly react if a threat becomes reality.