As data breaches increase across all industries, law firms and their corporate clients are particularly sensitive to data security practices to assure client information is as secure as possible. Law firms have grown used to completing data security surveys for each current or potential new client, while corporate legal departments have required their outside firms to document and share their  processes to prove their security posture. There has not been a cohesive approach to data security, with no standardized processes to follow — until now.

The Association of Corporate Counsel created the new Data Steward Program because it recognized the need for greater data security in the legal sector and saw real value in creating a standardized framework for assessing, scoring, validating and accrediting a law firm’s client data security posture. The ACC predicts that a framework for security will both level the playing field and provide corporations with standardized metrics for all law firms with which they do business.

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Why EDiscovery Needs Cybersecurity article by ETRM Group